Term Paper Wireless Technology in the Hospital

By | 13.01.2019

Examines the benefits of using wireless technology in a hospital setting.


This paper covers numerous ways that wireless technology can simplify healthcare. It shows that both doctors and patients can benefit from its use in hospitals and ambulances. It not only makes communication within medical facilities easier and faster, but more efficient as well. Patient convenience is increased while physician stress is reduced. The paper shows that its use is also a cost effective solution, requiring very little effort to install. An overall improvement to healthcare could be achieved through the use of wireless technology in the medical field.

From the Paper:

“Accuracy is also increased by the use of wireless networks. According to Samuel Greengard, hospitals that have adopted wireless networks have reduced errors by as much as fifty percent. Less errors, means less chance for malpractice suits and better quality of care for the patient. Hospitals are often among the last to adapt new technologies because they work in a high-risk field were errors could cost someone’s life. But since this technology has been around long enough to prove its reliability, more hospitals should make the move to adopt this technology.”