Organizing Paragraphs

By | 01.02.2019

Proper paragraph organization in an essay will create a proper flow of thoughts and ideas, and will help guide readers throughout the course of the entire paper while increasing their understanding and comprehension on a topic being discussed. Here are some ideas from Essaypalace that can help with organizing your paragraphs.

Essaypalace Tell About Paragraph Organization

According to, there are four basic ways of organizing your essay paragraphs like chronological, hierarchical, logical and spatial.

Chronologial essay organization implies that you need to arrange your thoughts and ideas according to the time frame (“chronos” – time, “logical” – means arranged in a certain order). According to chronological structure, you should describe things in a way starting what happens first and what goes on after that.

Hierarchy (order of importance), thus if you will use hierarchical organization for your essay paragraphs, you will need to present them in order of importance. Thus, at the beginning of your essay you will have to discuss the most important things and go on to the least important up until the end of an essay.

Logical organization is good for cause and effect essays. Here, first paragraph will provide a scenario and consequent paragraphs will will explore the reasons why something happened or didn’t happen.

Spatial essay paragraph organization implies presenting them in order of appearance. These essays are more complicated than the others as some elements of chronological, sequential or logical organization may be present in it. In such essays first paragraph will describe one aspect of a setting; another paragraph will explore second aspect and other paragraphs will describe yet other settings.