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By | 01.02.2019

Many students don’t get to choose a topic for their essay and end up researching and writing on the topic they know very little about and the one they don’t like as much as other ones. However, tutors assign such topics on purpose – they want to test student’s researching and writing abilities as well as let students to acquire some new knowledge. One of the topics that students might not like is Islamic Banking. Essay Palace Company realizes that and decided to share some knowledge on this issue.

Essay Palace Tells About Essays On Islamic Banking

There is a big number of Muslims among the world’s population and majority of them think that banks should be avoided, because Islam (their religion) prohibits dealing with interest. However, just like all other world inhabitants, Muslims need banking services to buy cars, houses, to pay for goods and services, to facilitate capital investment, to trade, to save their earnings, etc. As a result, Muslims invented and developed their own system of banking – Islamic Banking, which is very different from traditional banking.

Essay Palace Provide Some Islamic Banking Topics

If you have been assigned to write an essay on Islamic Banking, you can research and write on a wide variety of topics related to it like “Major Laws And Principles Of Islamic Banking”, “The Shari’ah (major Islamic Law) and why it disallows Riba (profit),” “Qard-el-hassan (good loan) and why the lender does not allowed to charge any interest on the money lent.” Also, you can try writing about “Why it is not acceptable to make money from money and what are the consequences of this law,” etc. As you can see, there are many things you can write about, but if you experience difficulties, you can contact Company and ask for professional assistance.